Episode 1

Published on:

8th May 2024

(S8E1) Exploring Research Impact Coaching with Ged Hall at the University of Leeds

In our regular Research Culture Uncovered conversations we are asking what is Research Culture and why does it matter? In this solo episode Ged Hall discusses the increasingly significant role of research impact coaching in academia.

**Episode Highlights:**

- How Impact Coaching sits in the wider research impact development framework at Leeds

- Ged's personal journey using impact coaching as an ethnographic approach to understanding researchers' research impact development needs.

- The thoughtful intertwining of coaching methodologies with the pursuit of real-world research impact.

- How impact goals, stakeholder engagement, planning, and evaluation interweave within the coaching discourse.

- Reflections drawn from the coaching discussion group's engagement with "Self as Coach, Self as Leader" by Pamela McLean.

- Capacity considerations for impact coaches, including the balance between demand and personal limits.

- Insights into the practical aspects of starting or enhancing your own impact coaching service within your institution.

**Extras mentioned in the episode:**

- Access Ged's interview on Mark Reed's Fast Track Impact podcast and his webinar with Epigeum for deeper insights into Building Impact Momentum programme that was developed from his early impact coaching relationships.

- "Can you ever be an expert in research impact?" blogpost with Dr Tamika Heiden on the LSE's Impact Blog

- Two webinars (Webinar 1 and Webinar 2) on impact coaching in 2023 organised by Dr Jackie Reynolds from Staffordshire University. The registration link for the upcoming webinar Jackie is hosting on 23rd May 2024.

- Tony Bromley’s conversation with Dr. Tanvir Ahmed, exploring the broader use of coaching in researcher development.

**Connect with the Community:**

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- Or reach out to Ged directly through email (https://peopledevelopment.leeds.ac.uk/profiles/ged-hall/) to discuss your coaching journey or to delve into the possibilities of collaborative learning.

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Emma Spary

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I moved into development after several years as an independent researcher and now lead the team providing professional and career development for all researchers and those supporting research. I am passionate about research culture and supporting people. I lead our Concordat implementation work and was part of the national Concordat writing group. I represent Leeds as a member of Researchers14, the N8PDRA group and UKRI’s Alternative Uses Group.

Taryn Bell

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I work as a Researcher Development Adviser at the University of Leeds. My focus is on career development, with a particular focus on supporting funding and fellowships. I previously worked at the University of York as their Fellowship Coordinator, developing and growing the University's community of early career fellows. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more (T.L.Bell@leeds.ac.uk)!

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Tony Bromley

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I've worked in the area of the development of researchers for 20 years, including at the national and international level. I was lead author of the UK sector researcher development impact framework charged with evaluating the over £20M per year investment of UK research councils in researcher development. I have convened the international Researcher Education and Development Scholarship (REDS) conference for a number of years and have published on researcher development evaluation and pedagogy. All the details are on www.tonybromley.com !! Also why not take a look at https://conferences.leeds.ac.uk/reds/

Ged Hall

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I've worked for almost 20 years in researcher development, careers guidance and academic skills development. For the last decade I've focused on the area of research impact. This has included organisational development projects and professional development for individual researchers and groups. I co-authored the Engaged for Impact Strategy and am heavily involved in its implementation, across the University of Leeds, to build a healthy impact culture. For 10 years after my PhD, I was a consultant in the utility sector, which included being broker between academia and my clients.

Ruth Winden

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After many years running my own careers consultancy business I made the transition to researcher development leading our careers provision. My background is in career coaching, facilitation and group-based coaching, and I have a special interest in cohort-based coaching programmes which help researchers manage their careers proactively and transition into any sector and role of their choice.

Nick Sheppard

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I have worked in scholarly communications for over 15 years, currently as Open Research Advisor at the University of Leeds. I am interested in effective dissemination of research through sustainable models of open access, including underlying data, and potential synergies with open education and Open Educational Resources (OER), particularly underlying technology, software and interoperability of systems.